Is Blockchain leading the way for Artificial Intelligence

I’ll be the first to say, I don’t like the idea of text, chat, DNA, blood samples and Social Media on blockchain!

I question whether this means all my information I put on the blockchain lives forever? Because, if that’s the case, to hell with that! I like my privacy, and, if my young casual past life was on social media today, I think i might be embarrassed. Look at the implications Social media holds today for the “#knowmybusiness” generation. I don’t see this helping them in the future when they are seeking a job. Most company human resource departments use background checks before hiring candidates. And, they will tell you, the first thing they look at is a persons social media history — (for that matter, the US Government are planning on asking those visitors applying for visas for their social media passwords).

There is a new Buzzword out there: “hashtags”. Everyone wants one to prove that they are somehow connected to our ever changing technical world. And, what does it really get you? a digital presence? an extra thousand likes? I ask you, “Why has everyone gone #tellonmyself crazy”? There are too many questions to be asked, too much accessible data and too many willing to give their info away inadvertently. Consider Facebook, they have safety features to reduce exposure, but of course, you can always cancel the account which will guarantee the safety of your personal information.

Recall recently, the latest from social media juggernaut Facebook was caught selling subscribers information and the apology letter from Zuckerberg was sufficient enough to keep doing business as usual. I have to say, that was not enough for me; I canceled my subscription. Why? Not because I’m a worried nut case. I am just a guy who sees something so unethical I’m doing exactly what Zuckerberg said: “If we cannot protect your data, then we don’t deserve you as subscribers”. I 100% agree and that is why I opted out. Let’s use the instance of Julian Assage: Now he’s a guy that freely gave private information on corporations and governments hiding particular information from the public and is now 6 years in residence at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. Then you have Zuckerburg that gave your private information to governments and corporations for profit and he’s the Man of the Year. Something deeply wrong with this and yet with the scandal so outrageously large you would believe most everyone would have cancelled their subscriptions.

Understanding decentralization from the mouth of a 24 year year old is “Blockchains are politically decentralized (no one controls them) and architecturally decentralized (no infrastructural central point of failure) but they are logically centralized (there is one commonly agreed state and the system behaves like a single computer)”. That is all good but where is the privacy? The 24 year old I’m speaking of is a Vitalik Buterin one of the originators of the Ethereum Blockchain. We can argue for many hours of the deficiencies of central and decentralized systems. But what no one is talking about is that all the information collected is as simple as databases of private or public information being open or closed to everyone. Facebook is centralized and for the greed of money, it is available at a price tag that someone or some government is willing to pay. This is not simple capitalism “buys all”, this is corruption, power grabbing and greed.

The biggest problem I see and that no one is talking about is that blockchains’ openness and ability to create algorithms to deciminate information is 100% available. That leads us to more computing and more intelligent systems: specifically, Artificial Intelligence.

The new decentralized generation is bringing about the growth of public databases like blockchain being accessed by Artificial Intelligence with algorithms built by corporations that identify the exact data they need to control the public.

It is not so far fetched, but it’s coming real soon all because a 24 year old thinks it to be our best next option for the health of our well being and everyone should be the same blah blah blah crap!

I don’t mind the idea of decentralization, but only in terms of limiting the reach of Governments and Big Banks that control everything from inflation to laws that take / steal from us.

At what public cost are we actually creating for ourselves when things like text conversations, blood and DNA, and social media are all public on the open chain and that this information will live forever and be accessible to the corporations that can afford the development of Artificial Intelligence to use this information?

I think we need to stop listening to 24 year old that wants everyone to be couch millionaires and have “equal everything” based on decentralization and look more closely at companies that have no ethics, with no need to report its earnings to wallstreet or to its investors its earnings.

We need to create technology with limited levels of centralization and allow key aspects to be decentralized. This will allow more fair competition and moreover, drive economics towards new jobs, greater growth, increased privacy, transparency, and greater accountability from the large transnational corporations / social media juggernauts. We need to take back control, not have the controlling corporations take it from us and use it against us. And, we need this today.

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