For Immediate Release 1st Quarter 2019

This year is certainly thundering along. xGold team have made great strides in line with the corporate plan for Colombian cooperatives. Increased documentation due to monetary securities slow a simple process. The team continues with research on the Bullion Center. And, we notice an uptick in demand for regional storage requirements. Increased interest in “stable” crypto coins shows XGC as the Vanguard in an increasing market place. Additional market interloping by naysayers like Chase and other institutional players like Facebook etc seem to legitimize an already legitimate business space. Asian interests are strong and Joint Venture arrangements only strengthen the business model. African interests are advancing and xGold team will likely engage in future plans this quarter. In line with necessary developmental requirements, xGold team are rapidly increasing the Blockchain capabilities, including additional Coin Transactional space. Merging existing technology and migration plans from Etherium continue to be at the forefront of developmental costs. A full coin code extrication and transition to xbit blockchain is expected this year. Keep updated on all things xGold by visiting our xGroup Community or the xGold Blog.

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