I Know where Bitcoin is Heading

Vitalik Buterin hit the nail on the head recently when he twittered the following: “all crypto communities, ethereal included, should heed these words of warning. Need to differentiate between getting hundreds of billions of dollars of digital paper wealth sloshing around and actually achieving something meaningful for society”. Not sure what people got from the […]

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Utility – With flying colors

  The most important term when discussing any crypto-currency is whether it has Utility. Utility is really the satisfaction from using something, or rather the ability of a “goods or service” to satisfy a want.  Which makes we wonder what satisfaction I might get from a handful of Bitcoins. Well, I might be really satisfied […]

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XGold ICO and Ethereums Volatility

NOTICE: Due to the severe volatility of Ether, XGold will issue MANUAL Smart Contracts to Cyrptocurrency traders. Be aware, the XGC coin trade value is linked to Ether. As Ether increases in value, it pushes up the trade value of XGC. This prevents the Bonus from being passed onto the Trader. By issuing MANUAL Smart […]

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